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Studio C Dance School provides training to dancers chosen to be members of the Competitive Dance Team, which currently has 35 members.  Competition Dance is a choice for students who are passionate about dancing, and are ready to show dedication and hard-work in the pursuit of improving their dance technique and performance.  After training through the late summer, fall, and winter, dancers experience the anticipation and excitement of stepping onto the competition stage.


The Dance Team participates in two competitions each spring and/or summer in Gatineau, Ottawa, or other cities in Canada or the USA.  Some competitions offer additional opportunities by awarding scholarships and professional dance contracts.

Not all team members aim for a career in dance.  Some join to experience the excitement of performance and competition.  Most gain an increased self-confidence, and all improve their dance technique more quickly.


More is expected of dancers on the Team – there is more rehearsal time, more effort, more teamwork, more responsibility to the studio, Instructors and others on the Team.  The level of commitment and responsibility is not for everyone so please consider it carefully.

Interested in our Competitive program? Be sure to check out our FAQ for more information. 

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